Charles Richardson

2nd Place / 2. Platz
Curated by Krzysztof Honowski
Opening March 4th 2016, by appointment until April 3rd 2016
Agnes Maybach, Cologne
For his first solo exhibition in Germany, Charles Richardson has created a new work specifically for the Agnes Maybach gallery space. The installation, entitled 2nd Place / 2. Platzsees Richardson develop his preoccupations with deconstructing masculine affect, which he established in his most recent commissions for the Zabludowicz Collection and Daata Editions (both 2015).

2nd Place / 2. Platzis divided into two environments, both presenting the same occurrence, captured however in two unique instances. The first room of the gallery presents a sculptural work, produced by the artist from materials found in local thrift and hardware stores. While composed of found objects, in Richardson’s procedural un-picking, the work begins to reference institutional forms of artistic display. However, instead of showing a sculpture on a plinth, Richardson presents here various bottles of cheap Eau de Cologne. The bottles act as a jarring reference to fallible preconceptions of the city of Cologne, through it’s most famous product, juxtaposed with a typically English variant of the perfume, BRUT, one that is however not available in Germany.

This divide between the imagined real, and its lived variant is further explored in the second room of the installation. Here the pedestal presented in the first room turns out to be the pedestal for a man, crudely bound and lamely hanging on to a trophy as phallic prosthesis. As with Richardson’s other recent illusionary works, the model and environment have been rendered through a 3D scanning process, and seem to alternate between being swallowed by and breaking beyond the confines of the screen environment.

2nd Place / 2. Platzwill be presented exclusively at the Agnes Maybach gallery throughout March 2016, running parallel to Richardson’s first major public solo presentation, entitled Displacement Behaviour, at the Exeter Phoenix gallery in the United Kingdom.

AGNES MAYBACH / / insta: @agnesmaybach / Maybachstraße 159, 50670 Köln, DE